Calm like Dhoni V/S Aggressive like Virat- Who Are You?

Every person has a unique way of playing cricket in terms of techniques and temperament. What could be a greater example of the same than Indian cricket team captain Virtat Kohli and ex-captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Both are great at their game and have pocketed several accolades till date. However, Virat is known for his aggressive approach on the field, while Dhoni is known for his calm and tranquil stance.

Both have immense reputation of tackling pressure situations, yet they differ in cricketing techniques and leadership qualities. When you play fantasy cricket online or the game in physical, you may have a role-model and technique of play decided, but with whom do those resemble- Dhoni or Virat?

Are you pro-active and aggressive like Kohli, who has an undying spirit of dominating opponents and urging fellow players to anyhow win the match, or ‘Captain Cool’ like Dhoni who asks fellow mates to take the game as it comes and do the best? Let’s understand your cricketing temperament with the following facts.

  1. Shots and Temper: If you like to play the sledgehammer off a bat, smashing the ball all over the park, or helicopter shot, yet have a composed expression on your face, then you are more like Dhoni. But, if you rejoice with smirk or smug ‘we got you’ kind-of-smile when a bowler gets an opponent out, and like to take the lead by scoring maximum runs, then you definitely resemble Kohli.

When you play on the fantasy cricket app, remember it is realistic like a live cricket game. Your shot selection, performance, and attitude towards other players and the game, will all add-up to the points and make for a win or defeat.

  1. Reactions and Provocations: During India’s tour of Australia in 2008-09, Australians were at the top of their game and riled the Indian players with incessant sledging. But Dhoni asked his team members to not react to the provocations. On the other hand, Kohli’s ‘lashing with his tongue-out’ at opponents is his signature aggressive expression, which everyone is aware of. So, which side do you sway to? Do you keep your cool or are ready to hit out at the opponents with all your gaming expertise and expressions?
  2. Field-Set Up: Kohli is a wonderful fielder whereas Dhoni is one of the best and prompt wicketkeepers India has ever had. Both are expert at perfecting the field-set up for the opposite team. While batting order may not always be decided individually by the captain of a team, when it comes to a face-to-face match, a field-set up is something that the team captain handles alone.

If you give more opportunities to the star-bowlers to bowl maximum overs, then you are more like Dhoni. However, if you take chances and introduce a not-so-frequent bowler for an over or few, then you are like Kohli. This trick of Virat has often given the team of India important breakthroughs at the time when taking wickets were crucial, as well as cost the team a lot of runs.

How to Ace an Online Cricket Match?

While you do not have to deal with players physically when playing on the internet, the concentration and focus required to play the game is same as that of on-field match. You must be secure in your skin and know your capacity than blindly following the footsteps of Dhoni or Kohli. Improve your cricketing knowledge and select your teams wisely.

Be it a strong stance or the breezy-touch to the game, to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily, you have to know cricket teams across every corner of the Earth playing cricket across all formats, batting and bowling variants, achievements of the players, and everything you can know about cricket to gain an upper hand over your opponents.

Final Thoughts

Though Kohli and Dhoni have contrasting styles, they are hugely successful as captains. Dhoni has helped India win two World Cups, while Kohli led India to it’s first-ever Test series win in Australia in 2019. The latter was a feat achieved in the 11th attempt over 71 years. Probably, you can combine the aggressiveness of Virat and calmness of M.S. Dhoni, find your own calling, and explore your strengths to pick the right game-play for fantasy cricket, and grab maximum wins.

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