Prepare Yourself  For Playing Cricket

Cricket is one of the oldest games that are played all across the globe. This game is played between two teams each consists of seven players. It is played by a bat and a ball. There are a lot of risks associated with this game, like hit by a ball, muscle strain, injuries in back, fingers, elbows, lower arm, etc. In order to avoid these risks, the players should follow the following mentioned precautions while playing cricket and always wear the best cricket helmet.

Right-sized gears:

After the helmet, there are other gears that should be worn while playing cricket. These gears should be hard enough from the outside to protect you from injuries. They should be light and should not restrict your movement. These gears include:
• A mouth guard protects the teeth with the injuries. It acts as a barrier between teeth and a cricket ball.
• Body padding which includes gloves, leg pads and forearm guards which protects the fingers, elbow, lower arm, twisted ankle, etc.
• Abdominal protector is used to protecting the crotch area from the impact of the ball.


There is special kind of shoes for the cricket players. These shoes are close and slip-resistant. The players should wear these shoes while playing cricket. The shoes should be of the right fit.

Play in a safe environment:

The field for playing cricket should be smooth and clean. The surface should be free from any hazards like stones, broken glass pieces and water etc. The weather should not be so hot or wet.
Proper intake of fluids:

As cricket is an extreme sport the players are required to be properly fit before playing. The players should take care of their fluid intake as there is a great loss of sweat while playing cricket. They should drink water before, after and while playing.


The most important thing while playing cricket is wearing a helmet so that the players are safe from head injuries. Head injuries can be so much dangerous and can cause death immediately that is why it should make sure that the players before batting, wicket keeping and fielding in close. The cricket helmet should be hard from outside in order to minimize the shock created by the hit of the ball. The inner padding of the helmet provides comfort to the head of the players. There is a face guard in most of the cricket helmets to provide maximum protection to the players. There is also a chin strap in the helmet that keeps the helmet in place. Just helmet is one of the websites that provides a large variety of cricket helmets.

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