Explore the health benefits of group exercise

Do you like hitting the road, going to the gym, and exercising all by yourself? Or, do you thrive better in a group fitness class?

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to ways to exercise but if you have never tried out group exercises, then it’s definitely something you shouldn’t write off without giving a go. For many people, group exercises are the perfect combo of having fun and socialising, whilst at the same time, obtaining the fitness results you want.  What more could you want from a routine? Still not convinced? Let’s have a look at the many health benefits of group exercises.

You are more motivated to workout

You’ve had a really long day at work, or you have too much to juggle today at home, so you decide to skip the scheduled exercise class and get around to it tomorrow instead. And then tomorrow comes, and there’s another reason why you can’t get around to it then too.  So many people are guilty of doing this and neglecting their health in the process. But, group exercises do not let you put your health to the bottom of the priority list, no matter how busy your schedule is. When you miss a few classes, the person you met at the door while going into class that first week asks you about it, and the one exercising right next to you asks you the same thing, and finally, your instructor also enquires about it too. Whilst people are generally really understanding and no one wants to feel pressured, knowing others will ask you why you didn’t make the class just makes you less inclined to miss it and more motivated to attend each session.

Are you finding it really hard to do those last couple of reps? Everyone from your instructor to your fellow attendees cheers you on in a good group exercise class… enough to make you complete the round. Thanks to the shared fitness goals, and the strong camaraderie present in group classes, the results you will see will be better and faster than you are likely to achieve on your own.

More variety, better results

Thirty squats, running for half an hour, or ten push ups every day: does your workout routine centre around something like this? Boring and predictable? You are not alone as most people get into the habit of doing the same exercises time and again when left to their own devices at home. Research shows that when you do these type of exercises repeatedly without mixing things up once in a while, your body will get used to them, and the early fitness benefits you saw will either slow down or stop altogether.

It is a common complaint heard from those on fitness drives that even though they exercise every day, they are not seeing much improvement for their efforts. The problem lies in the fact that they are doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. Group workouts can offer the perfect break from this monotony because they are all about changing the routine every now and then. As your body tries to adapt to the variety, it has to work harder, and that makes it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals.

You get value for money

Get a few steps wrong, and the teacher pulls you up on it in front of the entire class. If that doesn’t push you to work harder, then what does? The natural competitiveness of people, coupled with the watchfulness of the instructors, means that the attendees of group exercise classes work harder when exercising in a class, rather than alone.

It becomes harder to go slow or skip that last couple of repetitions when others are doing the same exercise at the same pace. Besides, even if you forget a couple of steps, you can always look at the people exercising right next to you, and continue doing it the same way. No need to be apprehensive about asking the trainer time and again. The result of this (aside from meeting your fitness goals quicker) is better value for money than what you would have got if you exercised alone at home or in the gym.

Leave the planning to the experts

So, how do you plan your workouts when you do it solo at home? Maybe you head to YouTube and check out a couple of video tutorials, or you do those usual squats and stuff that you have heard to be good for everyone. But, working out is a lot more nuanced than simply lifting weights to gain muscles or doing sit-ups to reduce belly fat.

In a group workout setup, the instructors generally put people with similar fitness goals together. This way, they are able to set an effective plan that involves concentrating on certain problem areas and targets, as well as overall fitness for the whole body. Therefore, you no longer need to sit and chalk out a workout plan for yourself, but, at the same time, you get much more of the health benefits that you hoped for.

Higher output of endorphins

One of the most compelling reasons to exercise together is the rush that comes with it. Doing exercises with others promotes the release of the hormone known as endorphin. This is the morphine-like happy hormone that makes you feel good and relaxed and even reduces pain. Now, you might be asking: doesn’t the body release endorphins even when working out alone? Well, it does. But, research suggests that group activities have an edge when it comes to increased levels of endorphins in the body.

You must have seen people who come buzzing and smiling out of those group exercises: that’s what group activity does to you. It leaves you feeling happy and relaxed, along with helping you to reach your fitness goals. A routine that is great for your physical and mental health: a win-win  right?

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