How to Choose the Right Fiberglass Dock Boxes

What to look for in a dock box

Many marinas now have rules and regulations regarding dock boxes, such as colors and sizes, so you will want to check with your marina before you make a purchase. Space can be limited on walkways and docks, in addition, to maintaining a clean and safe area. Fiberglass dock boxes are favored by most marinas, harbors, and experienced boaters, the reasons include: fiberglass is naturally rust free and completely waterproof, so it can withstand the corrosive elements of sand, salt, sun, and water, as well as, harsh weather conditions. Just like with boat’s fiberglass dock boxes are painted with glossy UV gel coat protection, in addition, the expansion and contraction that comes with climate changes remain minimal with fiberglass.

Types of dock boxes available

When looking for a dock box there are some key things you need to think about. Is this dock box going to be on board ship or attached to the dock? All of the standard dock boxes have versatile mountings. Ship-mounted dock boxes maintain their integrity in dry dock or on the water. Next, how much space do you have available? And, is that lateral or vertical space? Moreover, what are your planning to put it the dock box? This matters a lot because some dock boxes act as individuals lockers, others act as coolers, some even house electrical power units. Whatever the storage you need the one that best suits you.

Standard Dock Boxes

Standard dock boxes are rectangular in shape, built with reinforced lids, depending on size these can offer additional seating. All include stainless steel, lockable latches, to offer the highest security both on the sea and on dry dock. The interior is sanded and sprayed with the same glossy UV gel coat protection. Some models come with vents, gas shocks, fishing rod holders, pneumatic lid lifts, and protruding walls, that add rigidly and structural integrity. Can be found in 3 cubic feet, 4 cubic feet, 6 cubic feet, and 8 cubic feet sizes.

Slim-line or Low-profile Dock Boxes

Slim-line or low-profile dock boxes resemble standard dock boxes only they are made low and narrow for narrow docks or walkways. These are specially designed space savers, with comparable utility, storing life jackets, rope, fishing gear, and cleaning products. Door hinges vary from marine grade aluminum to stainless steel. Can be found in 3 cubic feet, 4 cubic feet, 6 cubic feet, and 8 cubic feet sizes.

Seat-Top Dock Boxes

Seat-top dock boxes also resemble standard dock boxes, combining functionality with comfortable seating. The two most popular styles are high-back loungers and the traditional bench seats. These dock boxes are often used to carry ice for drinks or the latest catch, snacks, towels, or kids toys. Can be found in 4 cubic feet, 6 cubic feet, and 8 cubic feet sizes.

Triangular Dock Boxes

Triangular dock boxes are a good choice when space is limited. These are easy to install in a multitude of configurations while providing good to moderate storage, freeing up walkways. Triangular dock boxes commonly hold electrical power units. Can be found in 3 cubic feet, and 4 cubic feet sizes.

Upright Dock Boxes

Upright dock boxes resemble vertical storage. These tall dock boxes free up lateral space and are good as lockers for swimming gear, tubes, toiletries, and other marine gear. Two styles are common tall with a top opening lid or one and two door designs. Sizes are specialized.

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