The Olympic Video games – A brief history of The actual Olympic Video games


Olympics or even The Olympic Games is really a multi-sports occasion which happens once within four many years and includes winter as well as summer video games. It is definitely an international occasion and just about all the countries within the globe take part in the video games.

The very first Olympic game occured in the entire year 776 B . C . in Olympia, A holiday in greece. The video games were kept in A holiday in greece till 393 ADVERT. Subsequently within 1896, Pierre Fredy, Baron de Coubertin, a France nobleman elevated the video games which heralded the start of the Contemporary Olympic Video games.
Starting through 1896, Games from the Olympiad or Summer time Olympics had been held as soon as in 4 years except throughout the World Battle 1 as well as 2.

The actual Olympic Winter season Games, a unique edition of skiing was very first held within 1924. At first, both summer time and winter season editions from the Olympic Video games were kept simultaneously. From 1944 onwards summer time and winter season games happen to be held 2 yrs apart. []

The origin of the ancient Olympic Games was surrounded by many legends. The ancient Greek concept of Olympic Truce is one such legend associated with The Olympic Games. The Olympic Games reached their zenith during fifth and sixth century BC. The Olympic Games were held in honour of Pelops a mythical king and divine hero of the Greeks. Poems were written and statues were created immortalizing the winners of the events in the Olympic Games. Milo of Croton, a wrestler in the sixth century BC, was the only victorious athlete in six Olympic Games.

After the Romans captured power in Greece, there was a gradual decline in the importance of the Olympic Games. The Emperor Theodosius banned the Olympic Games in 393 CE citing the games as a Pagan Festival not suitable for the Christian Ethics.
Even though the Greek ceremonies included the bearing of a torch as its integral aspect, it was not included in the ancient Olympic Games. This was introduced later as a part of the modern Olympic Games.

In the 2004 Summer Olympics held in Athens, nearly 11,100 contestants from 202 countries participated in various events whereas there were only 245 participants from 15 nations in the 1896 edition of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games has become one of the biggest events for the media. In the Sydney Olympics held in 2000, more than 16,000 journalists presented the events in various media format while 3.8 billion people watched the games on Television.

Munich Olympics held in 1972 saw the first act of terrorism in the Olympic Games. Subsequently the Summer Olympics held in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996, and the Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2002 were also subjected to acts of terrorism..