5 interesting games you must play while you are in Melbourne

When people visit Australia, one of the first cities that’s on the top of their list is Melbourne. Obviously, there are lot of things you can do in Melbourne such as visiting the zoo, exploring the museum and taking the cruise down the Yarra river. Ever thought about the interesting games that you can play while in Melb? Well, here you go! We present you the some of the most interesting and fun games for you to try while you are in Melbourne.

Bubble soccer

If you want bumping and laughter with a fun experience, then bubble soccer in Melbourne is exactly what you should be doing.

This game is all about bumping into each other’s rolling away with the ball wrapped around you and making other people laugh. The participants are half-encased inside an inflatable zorb like bubble covering their upper body and head. Unlike football, there’s no yellow or red cards, and no penalties!

Soapy soccer

Soapy soccer also known as soap football is an exciting sport designed for people of all ages with zero experience about soccer.

The pitch is all filled with soapy water, where your attempt to score without slipping and sliding. You can play with the 12 people (6 per team) at a time. Absolutely perfect for any casual and corporate team building event, group of friends and family, soapy soccer is for you to enjoy and spend half of the game rolling on the floor laughing.

Human Foosball

Human foosball is a life-size table football game where you stick with 10-18 players on the field, with standard foosball rules – kicking and scoring wise. The players are strapped with a harness to a metal pole which stretches out from one side to other. The players can only move side to side instead of up and down the field mimicking the game of table foosball.

Human foosball is an inclusive activity where the players can play different roles such as keeper, striker, and midfielder, no matter what skill level the participant has. It is a perfect activity for corporate team building events and birthday parties for kids and adults alike.


Quidditch is a sport based on the harry potter novel where players hold a stick representing a broom between their legs. This game includes a player, a keeper who has a role in guarding the team, a beater who throws dodge balls to knock opposing players, a chaser is an offensive player who scores goals by throwing the quaffle through the rings and a seeker who tries to elude opposing players.

The primary objective of the game is to score points by throwing the quaffle which is a deflated volleyball through the middle ring to score 10 points or through the side rings to score five points. You can dress up as Harry Potter character and have fun with the game at their events.


Floorball is a game played using a plastic hockey stick and round plastic balls with a goal to hit the ball into the net using the stick. Each side has five players and goalkeepers with a team-coloured hockey stick to help tell apart the two opposing sides.

The floorball game is a fun, engaging game more importantly safe for kids and adults.

There you have it! All the interesting and fun games to try while in Melbourne. Wondering where to get started? Get in touch with Ultimate Bubble one of the leading fun games and corporate team building sports organisers in Melbourne. Whether it’s your birthday, hens night party, corporate events or just a casual family and friends get together – Ultimate Bubble Soccer will make it extra special with these fun games.

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