adidas’ Famous Soccer Balls


Here are the most popular soccer balls made by adidas, ranked by Soccer Garage.


Used in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, this adidas soccer ball infuses mainly primary colors along with green, the most prominent color in Brazil’s flag, to create a soccer ball that captivates the eye. Brazuca, as named by the fan poll in Brazil, is a phrase used to describe something that is inherently Brazilian in style. The multi-color ribbon design was inspired by wish bracelets, which in the Brazilian culture are intended to bring good luck and ward off evil. The interlocking patterned ball was a hit among World Cup players with Messi even calling it “great.”


In honor of the Confederation Cup being held across Russia, adidas named their 2017 FIFA Confederation Cup ball “Krasava”, which translates to “beautiful” in Russian. Its signature red design is a nod to the Great Imperial Crown, for which ruby red is the predominant color. The jagged lines and red color scheme come together to form a ripple effect that intensifies the design. The six-panel shape paired with sound grip makes for an exceptional soccer ball.

Beau Jeu

The Beau Jeu made it’s debut in 2016, when it impressed UEFA Euro viewers and players with it’s beautiful tri-color design. Comparable to the Brazuca, the Baeu Jeu, meaning “the beautiful game” in French, is another six-paneled revolutionary ball that was highly acclaimed by professionals. “It performed brilliantly,” Bale announced. adidas added the letters “E” “U” “R” and “O” and figures “2” “0” “1” and “6” along the panels for an extra dose of uniqueness.