AYSO Uniform Regulations: Things Parents Need to Know


The American Youth Soccer Organization sets out uniform regulations that apply to all of its leagues in the United States. While some details of the regulations change depending on how old your son or daughter is, in general the regulations can be expected to apply to all players, says Soccer Garage.

Each player on a team is expected to wear a matching uniform that includes a jersey, shorts and socks. There are additional specifications for featuring the AYSO logo on the jersey; be aware that some cheap soccer uniforms do not display this logo properly and will not be considered acceptable by AYSO standards.

Players are required to wear a soccer shinguard covered fully by a sock on each leg. This is an important safety measure, and it applies to both matches and practices. However, players are not required to wear dedicated soccer cleats. Any athletic footwear is allowed unless otherwise forbidden by the referee.

AYSO jerseys and other soccer equipment follow strict national guidelines in terms of appearance. No team, league or program name can be featured on the jersey, and no player’s name (for example, “Michael Jones” or “Jones”) can be featured on the jersey. The AYSO and FOX Sports 1 logos must be clearly displayed on the jersey, even when reusing equipment from when the FOX Sports 1 logo was not included. Each logo cannot be less than three inches in diameter. Check with your team’s coach for more details on AYSO uniform regulations.