Daniel Snyder’s Involvement May Cause Drama for the Redskins Draft

With the draft kicking off tonight, there’s a lot of speculation of certain trades or moves to make for teams in the upcoming football season. In fact, it’s already said that there may be some drama on deck due to Redskins team owner, Daniel Snyder. The Redskins beat writer, Grant Paulsen, said that Snyder has “already taken over the first round of the draft.” This isn’t the only time that Snyder has made a huge involvement in the draft. In 2012, this was the case when the Redskins gave up three 1st round draft picks (2012, 2013, 2014) and even a 2nd round one just to acquire Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Although the Redskins denied Paulsen’s claims, the NFL does believe there to be some truth to his points as Snyder does have a big impact in the Redskins’ decision making for the draft. Additionally, NFL.com, sees them looking to weigh their options in another RG3 type of move in the draft. Andrew Siciliano (NFL network) tweeted, “@MikeGarafolo reports @nflnetwork the Redskins have explored moving into the top-5. #UpToTheMinute

This could be quite the situation if a trade at this magnitude happens for the Redskins. In fact, RJ White has created a mock draft to predict what may happen as a result of this scenario. While he originally believed the Giants may be the ones going directly after Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins, White changed his mind. He states, “..with news that Daniel Snyder is taking over the draft planning for Washington and that Dwayne Haskins could be his target, I’m making a late switch back to Washington moving to No. 3, a trade I had in my seven-round mock draft that originally came out a few weeks back.” Of course, you can check it live on the draft tracker. Rumor has it that this an attempt to ultimately change the course of the Redskins’ future (and possibly Snyder’s position as team owner).

As it stands right now, the Redskins currently have the 15th overall pick, which means they’re going to have to move 10 spaces up. In order for this to happen, they’ll have to give a lot of compensation to get that far up on the totem pole. This could lead to the winner in this draft making a deal with Washington. At this point, the Cardinals, 49ers, Jets, Raiders and Buccaneers all pick in the top five. The interesting thing about this situation is it seems as if the Redskins didn’t want to trade up. It certainly is a bit of wild card with the speculation of Snyder’s potential move. Redskins senior vice president of player personnel, Doug Williams, was more in favor of a trade back. He states, “Well, I’ve said all along, the chance of trading up is a lot slimmer than trading back,” Williams said. “I’m going to go on the record and say that’s a possibility that we won’t trade up, but there’s a great possibility we’ll trade back if that opportunity came.” Of course, if Snyder gets the chance to take over the 1st round draft,  he’s going to go with his own prerogative.

Not only may Snyder have Haskins in his sights as a quarterback, but there’s speculation Daniel Jones is another prospect. The Haskins situation seems more realistic, because he attended high school with Snyder’s son and has a great relationship with them. Haskins alludes to this by saying, “There’s definitely something there.” Furthermore, he goes into why he believes it’ll be a good choice, “I feel like there’s a great relationship with the Redskins. My mentor Shawn Springs played for the Redskins. Great relationship with [owner] Mr. [Daniel] Snyder and the rest of the Redskins ownership. Whatever team picks me, I’ll be excited to be a part of, but there’s definitely something there in DC.”

Not to mention, this Haskins’ hometown as well. It would be quite exciting to go back to the roots and play for the team. He says. “For me to be able to go back in DC, somewhere where I also grew up at, went to high school at, is definitely a lot of fun for me to be able to spend time with [Doug Williams], coach Gruden and the rest of the offensive staff,” Haskins said. “I think the Redskins are a great place to be.”

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this all plays out. You can check out all of the action at the draft tracker.

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