Here’s What Extreme Sports Can Teach Us

Doing extreme sports is never an easy undertaking. One has to master the sport, one has to overcome fears and one has to develop rock-solid focus. There can be no success in these sports without that and the list doesn’t even end there. Imagine base jumpers who can’t focus or snowboarders who have awful balance. That’s hard to imagine, right? Considering the complexity and difficulty of these sports, people not only learn how to master them but they also pick up a lesson or two along the way. So, let’s see what exactly we can learn from those extreme experiences.

Stand up & try again

Many adrenaline-filled sports require people to fall down. It’s a natural process of learning. Snowboarders fall down a lot in the beginning, skateboarders do that too, it’s inevitable. And while most people get frustrated and quit after few times, those who stand up and try again become stronger. And that’s what these sports teach us, they teach us to stand up again, clean up our ego and carry on. The more bruises, the better. After a while people will stand up with a smile and continue. Getting up and carrying on – that’s what’s really important in life and that’s quite a valuable lesson that comes along with extreme sports.

Managing fear

This is probably the number one reason why many beginners in the world of extreme sports give up after the first or second go at it – fear. Extreme sports will make you face fear, they will force you to overcome it and then make you face fear in another form again. And that’s perfectly normal. For example, snowboarders never know what they’ll see at the next turn on the mountain. The terrain is unpredictable and map doesn’t tell much. That challenge and fear force you out of your comfort zone and teach you how to react on the spot. You transform that fear into motivation to dominate the trail without a single mistake. In turn, you have a stronger mind which really helps with fear management in general.

Facing the challenge makes you a better person

You know how they say that nothing happens in the comfort zone? That’s one hundred percent true. If we always do things that aren’t challenging and easy, we won’t get better. One cannot grow as a person and it is safe to say that if you’re not going forward, you aren’t stagnating, you are actually going backwards. Intense sports make you push yourself to the limit. Those can be both physical and mental limits. And that’s good. Practicing in the same old skate park, for example, won’t teach you much. But going at it at new and more challenging venues will no doubt be harder but it will be more rewarding. And that lesson can be applied to everyday situations in life. Explore the unknown and don’t let yourself fall asleep in the same old place where nothing happens.

A lesson in honesty

It may sound odd but sports as dangerous as these can teach us a lesson in honesty. One can fool everyone around him but fooling one’s self is never possible. When you don’t put in enough effort, you will know. If you aren’t good enough or capable enough for a sport, you will feel it. And that’s okay, we aren’t all supposed to master every sport out there. You may find some sports too difficult and you may find some too easy. But never get too confident and think that you can rule them all. Setting a reasonable goal is really important because you want to be realistic with yourself. That concept is exactly the same in life. If you have goals that are too high and out of your reach, you’ll only get disappointed. That’s why it is important to be honest with yourself.

You’ll appreciate others

Some sports are better practiced with friends. For example, BMX riders will have a hard time mastering every trick and overcoming every obstacle alone. Instead, they often group together and master everything together. That’s why there are so many clubs and groups where these folks interact and hang out. Many of those relationships gradually become strong and last a long, long time which is awesome. People learn how important other people are. And that’s a big lesson in humility. When you learn how to appreciate others, the others will no doubt appreciate you.


Life is a true journey in its own sense and things like these extreme sports are there to teach us many things. That’s why they are so good. It’s not all about the exercise and grind. You won’t learn some things without participating and that’s a fact.



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