Immigration is the process where individuals move from their native countries to live in another country which they are not native citizens. Economists have concluded that both the sending and the receiving countries usually benefit in that it allows for different kinds of labor and skills to enter or leave a country in which the supply of a certain service is limited. Economists who specialize in development propose for the reduction of the barriers preventing people from moving from country to country and they suggest that allowed movement across countries would result to increase in a countries general GDP resulting to an increased global increase in GPD.

Outlined below are some of the factors contributing to immigration. The factors can be classified into; Economic Factors, Social Factors, Environmental factors, and safety factors. Immigration due to natural forces is referred to as forced immigration.

  • Drought

This is the lack of water which leads to lack of food and which can result to deaths and massive migrations with communities or citizens of the country’s stricken by drought move from place to place trying to find food for their families.

  • Hurricanes and flooding

This involves the destruction of food, houses, cities by excess water and can cause immigration where citizens or a group of people move from their country to another country in search of better living conditions and for safety reasons.

  • Earthquakes

This involves shaking of the earth resulting in the destruction of homes and property which results to movement of citizens or individuals involved in safer places or in search for new experiences.

  • Sports

This is one factor that has seen immigration on the rise where players move from their countries to go to other countries to better their abilities or for better conditions.

Immigration due to sports.

The number of immigrants due to sports keeps increasing. Players and athletes move to other countries to nurture their talents, to access better services or to experience new adventures in their areas of expertise. They can be accompanied by spouses and children or other members leading to the rise of those people moving from place to place. Immigration due to sports can be fans based. This involves fans moving from their countries to move to places with bigger fields or where they can catch more games live. There are law firms dedicated to seeing to it that athletes and players get the best services and that they can access their visas easily without complications. Taking Athletics, for example, there exists immigration attorney for pro athletes who ensure athletes are well prepped for their experience and the conditions under which they will operate. Athletes Visa is known as O-1 visas and are granted to any individuals from other countries who have outstanding abilities in activities like business, sciences and even athletics. The process of acquiring this Visa is complicated and calls for assistance from law firms dedicated to the later.

Law firms help players, athletes or even coaches in their preparation. They verify Contracts written between the players and the teams, the schedules among other requirements.

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