India Vs Pakistan Cricket Match, Passions Unleashed


For those of you who aren’t aware of the intrigues behind each India and Pakistan match, here are some facts to help you get there. An India-Pakistan match is estimated to attract about 1 billion viewers according to some reports. The 2011 World Cup Semi-final between the two teams saw a viewership of about more than 950 million viewers. The tickets for the India-Pakistan match in the 2015 World Cup sold out, exactly 12 minutes after they were put on sale.

Over the years, their rivalry has only intensified with Pakistan never losing to India on Eden Gardens and India never losing to them in an ICC tournament. So naturally, during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, watching Ind vs. Pak live, you’ll be compelled to believe that the odds are clearly in India’s favor.

While Pakistan does have a better ODI record against India, winning 72 of 127 matches they have played, it is the new India that has got the better of Pakistan in the more recent encounters.

In the early 90’s and even in early 2000’s watching an Ind vs. Pak ODI live meant a contest which left you hanging right till the end with the likes of Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Inzamam-Ul Haq, leading the Pakistani side. However, after 2005, Pakistan has not been the side they used to. India has beaten them on quality of players and somehow the relatively young Indian side has coped better in big-pressure matches. It is with this baggage that the Pakistani side will enter the arena and the Indian players, eager to make their impression on history will look to make this an easy win.

However, the venue for their match has a history of its own. A history that the Pakistani team would fondly remember. Anyone who would have watched Ind vs. Pak cricket live in 2004 would remember that it was this very venue at Edgbaston, Birmingham that Pakistan won by 3 wickets when Pakistan restricted India to a meagre 200 runs.

Another special encounter was in the year 1999, when the Kargil war was in full swing at the same time India was playing Pakistan at Old Trafford in the Super sixes World Cup match. This was the time that the famous “cricket for peace” slogan transformed into a meaningful message. Although India won, that match holds a lot more significance for an Indian and Pakistani fan.

This match is one to definitely watch out for, no matter where you are. For people in Europe and Canada, you can watch the entire Champions Trophy 2017 and Ind vs. Pak live streaming on YuppTv.

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