Kayaking in Slovenia offers amazing fun

Are you ready for some serious fun? Try kayaking in Slovenia; it is going to be amazing! Kayaking along the cleanest rivers in Europe, surrounded by vast forests, some pastures, and glorious canyons.

Kayaking in Slovenia is more than just that, it is an experience for the body and the soul. You will get to paddle at a level that is suitable for your level of knowledge, but, at the same time, kayaking in Slovenia is a calming experience for your mind, as you will see some of the most beautiful and pristine nature and wildlife. Perhaps you will even pass an angler, waiting to catch some trout and enjoying nature.

A really fresh experience

Kayaking in Slovenia is particularly popular from May to September, when rivers are also ‘warm’ enough to freshen up and jump into the pure alpine water. The water has a refreshing 8-15 °C even during the warmest summer.

You do not have to be an expert to go kayaking in Slovenia. You can simply visit one of offices, phone them or explore internet and book a kayaking in Slovenia trip that suits you. You can do it if you are a total beginner. Do not worry, you’ll be taught how to do it and have loads of fun while sliding down the water.

And, for the more experiences kayakers, there are more demanding kayaking routes ready as well. Expert team will guide you all the way and make sure your adrenaline levels will rise.

Amazing kayaking in Slovenia

Did you see photos of kayaking in Slovenia yet? If not, we suggest you look for them, you will be mesmerised. Just the thought of pure water and gorgeous nature will take your everyday stress and worries away from you. You will have a great time while kayaking, we can assure you.

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