Most Popular Sports Trophies in the World

Every athlete or sportsperson in the world always dream of one thing: Lifting their trophy up high!. Wielding a sports trophy in the winning moment of triumph is the peak of any sport or game and all athletes aspire to it.

Sport trophies symbolize the element of success and mark the winning moment with the date inscribed on them. They are a symbol of pride and joy and lifetime achievement for any sportsperson. Sports trophies are not just objects like cups, shields, or badges. They are a symbol of something bigger. They represent the true merit of the individual for which he/he has been duly honoured. All those moments of unflinching hard work the athlete has put in are truly rewarded when he/he brandishes the sports trophy.

What is so Prestigious About a Sports Trophy?

A sports trophy is indeed more prestigious than a certificate, medal or cash award. What makes a sports trophy so great?

  1. Its sheer size, shape and unique design evoke awe.
  2. It is rare
  3. It inspires others to excel in sports
  4. It reflects the individual’s talent and hard work
  5. It Is awarded only for those who deserve it.

Mainly, a sports trophy cannot be held by anyone. It takes time, effort, and dedication. Even a silver or bronze medal at the Olympics is a huge achievement compared to a participation certificate at work.

Prestigious and Popular Sports Trophies in the World

Now, join us as we take a look at some prestigious and popular sports trophies in the world.

  1. FIFA World Cup Trophy

Awarded once in every four years, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Is the most prestigious, popular and pricey sports trophy in the world. Costing about $20,000,000, this trophy made of pure gold has a globe borne by  2 human figures standing on a green malachite base.

Formerly called the Victory or Jules Rimet Trophy, the FIFA World Cup Trophy in its  present  form has been awarded to the winning team since 1974 though the tournament itself has been going on since 1930. As of now, the Brazilian National Football team has held the trophy the most times, winning 5 times.

  1. Borg-Warner Trophy

The Borg-Warner Trophy is a prestigious sports trophy awarded to the winner of the Indianapolis 500 car racing competition ever since 1936. Now housed at the Indianapolis Speedway Museum, this acclaimed sports trophy Is worth $1.3 million and was first instituted by American automotive supplier Borg-Wagner. Till 1988, this trophy had the image of the winner inscribed on it. Since then, the winners are awarded a “Baby Borg” of their achievement.

This impressive-looking sports trophy is made of sterling silver 5’6″ tall and weighs an incredible 69 kilograms. Shaped like a huge jar with twin handle, this multi-tiered trophy has the figure of a man waving a checkered flag. A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Senior, and Rick Mears are all tied for the most Indy 500 wins with four each.

  1. The Stanley Cup

Considered the greatest prize in professional ice-hockey, the Stanley Cup is awarded annually to the National Hockey League winner in the U.S. and Canada. It got its name after being donated by Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston. Made of silver and nickel alloy, the current Stanley Cup is 35.34 inches tall and weighs almost 16 kgs.

It has several bands underneath the cup with each band carrying the name of the members of the winning team and its managers. Since a band is added each year, it has earned the name “Stovepipe cup”. Fondly called the “Holy Grail” or “the Cup”, the Stanley Cup has many legends to its credit. The most famous tradition being that of the winners drinking champagne from the cup. Worth roughly $23,478 in cash, this Stanley Cup is more venerated for the indelible imprint of the players on it. The Montreal Canadiens have won this cup the most, with a whopping 23 victories.

  1. Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy

Awarded annually to the winners of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, this Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy is a symbol of pride and merit to the lover of this game. It is named after Larry Francis O’Brien Junior, who was commissioner of the NBA from 1975 to 1984.

Crafted by Tiffany’s in sterling silver and vermeil coated with 24k gold, this scintillating sports trophy look like a hoop with a netted ball and dazzles in gold. Worth $13,500, this trophy Is the pride of basketballer the world over. The Boston Celtics boast an impressive 17 wins in the NBA Finals.

  1. The Auld Mug

Touted as the world’s oldest international sporting trophy, America’s Cup is fondly called the Auld Mug. The origins of the cup begin in 1851. Awarded as a trophy for a match race between two sailing yachts, the Auld Mug Is shaped like a fancy pitcher and is crafted in sterling silver.

It is contested between the yacht club that currently holds the cup and one that is challenging for the cup. Considered as a prestigious award, this trophy Is sought after and fought for by many yachting clubs, millionaires, and socialites. The New York Yacht Club has won the Auld Mug a record 25 times.

The Beauty of Sports Trophies

Those were the five most popular sports trophies in the world. There are others, like The Ashes Urn awarded to the winner of the test series between England and Australia, the Vince Lombardi trophy for the NFL Super Bowl winner, the Bernie Ecclestone trophy for the best Formula One car racing team, the International Cricket World Cup trophy, and of course, the Gold Medal in the Olympics.

Winning trophies and holding them in your hands is a great honour for any individual or team. It is regarded as a symbol of success and is like the cherry on top of your sweet victory.

So, the next time you think of electing award for your school, college, or office sports event, bear in mind that a sports trophy is the best and most valued reward for any sportsperson. Always procure your sports trophy from an expert provider who can customize the trophy and craft it to minute detail.

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