Top 4 Tips to Get Out of The Silver Hell in CS:GO

Almost all beginners suffered this fate, the time when they were hooked on Counter Strike: Global Offensive but could not get out of the silver hell, aka the lowest ranking group. There are a lot of blogs on the internet that tells you how to get of the silver tier in few simple steps but getting out of the lowest rank is not as easy as it sounds. It will take considerable effort on your part and a wealth of knowledge from gaming forums like Reddit and official Counter Strike website before you can accomplish this task.

Following are some simple mistakes you might be over-looking while playing CS:GO which are stopping you from graduating the silver tier. Try correcting these mistakes the next time you play Counter Strike and give feedback to my website mentioned above in the article.

Do Not Aim Your Gun Downwards

The standard position of holding gun in CS:GO is downwards while walking or running and this is probably one of the reasons why you are still stuck in silver tier. When the enemy attacks, the player does not have enough time to correct the position of his gun and he is shot to death before he knows it. Always keep your gun pointed at the place where the enemy might come out and do not relax your arms. In this way, you will always be ready to shot whenever the enemy attacks.

Placement of the Bomb

You really need to consider the placement of the bomb before planting it. The reason you keep losing your matches in silver tier is mostly because of poor strategy. You do not pay attention to the placement of the bomb and plant it at a bad position. A bad position is where the enemy can easily locate and defuse it while you are combating their teammates. It is also important to take more players than you think necessary to plant the bomb because chances are some of them will die along the way. You do not want to fail your mission just because you are lacking on human resources.

Manage the Economy more Effectively

A number of times, you are stuck in silver tier because you are short on financial funds. It is very important to handle the economy carefully while you are playing Counter Strike. Do not waste your money on buying weapons when there are chances that you will lose the round. Another insider trick to manage your economy is to visit the places which suffered major bloodbath, you will certainly find some unused grenades there. Collect these grenades and add them to your arsenal.

Get Headphones and Microphones

This may sound obvious but many players do not use headphone and microphones while playing CS:GO which makes it difficult to communicate with your teammates. Also, headphones allow you to hear the footsteps of the enemy and prepare your for attack. But if you don’t have headphones you’ll most likely die because you were not prepared.

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